Come Brew With Us!

In our Brew-a-beer workshop, you can come make your own 5 gallon batch(es) of beer, in an instructed setting!

Cost varies depending on the beer you want to make, or if you do more than one batch, but typically for the brew session, equipment use, fermentation and packaging; you are looking at around $180.

Groups can be as small as 1 person, or 30+!

The session lasts about 3 hours, with downtime for enjoying some of our beer on tap, getting food, or learning more about brewing. We usually schedule for Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons, but other times may be possible.

We are moving away from online reservations, so just

Contact us about scheduling your session!

Our Services

  • Make your own 5 gallon extract batch of beer!

    160 US dollars

Recipe Options


Come by and check out our line of Brewer's Best Beer Recipe Kits, (click to see selection) or contact us with your idea for what you would like to make. We are happy to try to help find a recipe and build a kit for you.

** Please note, due to temperature restrictions, we are unable to make some lagers correctly as Brew On Premise batches.

We will ask that you confirm your recipe choice in advance of your class.