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Come LEARN With Us!

We regret that the Brew On Site portion of the business has been CLOSED. Sadly, we really could not make this a viable venture, and found our focus really needs to be on the beer we make and sell, and the homebrew shop.

That said, we are trying to develop a "3 T Experience" for small to medium sized groups!  This 90 minute or so experience would include Tasting, Teaching about beer, AND a Tour of our little brewery.

This offering is for groups of 6 or more, and typically is

around $30/person, plus taxes and gratuity. 

Contact us to book a 3T Experience here.

Advanced reservations needed due to staffing restraints. 

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Our Services
  • Make your own 5 gallon extract batch of beer!

    160 US dollars

Recipe Options


Come by and check out our line of Brewer's Best Beer Recipe Kits, (click to see selection) or contact us with your idea for what you would like to make. We are happy to try to help find a recipe and build a kit for you.

** Please note, due to temperature restrictions, we are unable to make some lagers correctly as Brew On Premise batches.

We will ask that you confirm your recipe choice in advance of your class.

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