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Classes, Events, and Music

In addition to our "Brew on Premise" paid brewing experiences, we run no charge information sessions.  Come have a pint or two, and listen to a member of our staff discuss aspects of homebrewing from just starting to insights for the advanced brewer. Classes are generally scheduled as FACEBOOK events, but the upcoming schedule is below as well. 

LIVE MUSIC is also a common occurrance on Friday or Saturday nights.

Along with a variety of other activities and groups we manage to get involved with!









Upcoming Events:

Check our Facebook EVENTS page for more info! 

    Memorial Day pre-game cookout and "Townie" release!       Monday May 28th, 12-2pm                                                         

  " The Mash"  LIVE                                                                                                                           Friday June  1st,  8-10:30pm

 OPEN MIC Night  (1st Sat. of Month)                                                                             Saturday June 2nd, 8-10pm

"Chris Hansen" LIVE                                                                                                                    Saturday June 9th, 8-10:30pm

"Dustin Pence Band" LIVE                                                                                                       Friday June 15th, 8-10:30pm

"Phil West" LIVE                                                                                                                               Friday June 22nd, 8-10:30pm 

"Crop Circle Conspiracy" LIVE                                                                                             Saturday June 23rd, 8-10:30pm

"Red Sammy" LIVE   - afternoon show!                                                                          Saturday June 30th, 2-4pm

"Brent Funkhouser"  LIVE                                                                                                        Saturday June 30th, 8-10:30pm 

 "Ali May LIVE" (acoustic rock)                                                                                              Friday July 6th  8-10:30pm

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