On Tap


UPDATED: 9/24/20

I do my best to keep this up to date, but being a true nanobrewery model, our beers are like the little people of  Munchkin Land - they come and go very quickly ;o)​ -SG  

  • "Freshy Fresh" - Fresh Hop Ale (ONCE a year!)

  • "Brehfuss" - Blonde Coffee Stout

  • "Wanderer" - American Pilsner

  • "Dancing Bear" - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

  • "Deep in the Woods"- Maple Bacon Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale

  • "Plethora" - Agave Imperial IPA

  • "Red Queen" - Raspberry Tart

  • "Bittenbender" - American Brown Ale

Coming Soon

**Subject to change! ​​​

  • "The Bee's Knees" - Honey DIPA

  • Hefeweizen to be named

  • "Thaing One On" - Thai Ginger & Apricot Tart